At Fernwood, we look forward to the opportunity to partner with your organization in raising money to meet your necessary budget needs. Your profit margin can be 30% and higher which creates a great avenue for you to increase revenue to your specific organization.

Fernwood has been working with Utah schools and other organizations in their fundraising efforts for over 30 years. Many organizations have been able to raise well over $2000 in just a few weeks of selling our delicious candy.

You know your friends and neighbors always enjoy quality, locally made holiday candy! You honestly can’t get a more delicious, well-known, handcrafted candy anywhere else. This is why we have been named “#1 Gift in Utah” several times and we’re voted “Best Chocolate 2015 by Food Network.” This allows you to sell with confidence because you’re selling a winning product with a great margin for profit.

Please fill out the fundraiser contract below and then either fax or email it back to us.


Fernwood Fundraiser Contract